LWE Website

Having started a job working at LWE in March 2019, an area of the digital identity that needed a serious upgrade was the website. The previous website was outdated, had a quite a few glitches, and was difficult to navigate. Because of the number of events we do and the marketing technologies we employ, the new website needed to fulfill some important criteria:

  • Speed was key – visitors needed to be able to navigate between events with no delay
  • Mobile friendly – Over 80% of traffic to the website is mobile
  • Latest announcements carousel – this could be changed to give more attention to events that needed it
  • Custom event pages – this is where we would direct traffic from digital advertising, instead of direct to the ticket platform. The event page needs to display all the necessary information about the event; key info, line up, venue, music preview and related events
  • An easy to use admin system – being able to update and add new events quickly was key
  • Remarketing tools implemented – Facebook pixel, Twitter pixel & Google tag manager

The project built upon previous websites for Hidden and South, both nightclubs in Manchester.

You can view the website at www.lwe.events