‘Octowarp’ Infinity Mirror Stage

For the Trippy Visions 2nd birthday tour, we wanted to do something really special. Building on what we’d learned from our previous triangle infinity mirror stage, we envisioned something with a little more depth. Designed by Jack Phillips (Northern Lights), help during the fabrication by Sense in Dimensions and mapped and operated by myself, our new ‘Octowarp’ stage really turned heads when we unveiled it at Church Leeds back in March.

Standing about 3m tall, the 16 individually mapped segments allowed for an array of visual effects to be created, the cyan and magenta is my favourite combination.

All was possible using the theory explained in my blog post How to control LED strips (WS2812) with Chamsys MagicQ. If you’re looking for a bespoke lighting installation, feel free to send me an email at hello@elliotmatthews.co.uk.